Utilizing either your existing cameras or a new customized system, AICI is able to eliminate expensive camera monitoring. With AICI, we work with you to define settings and customize the watch zones to then be monitored by our fool proof systems. When an alert is triggered, your team receives an instant notification to then review. AICI offers solutions for the following issues without the expensive and unreliable elements of human monitoring:

AI systems are infinitely more reliable than human monitoring.

  • Loss Prevention.

  • Covid-19 Related Mask and Social Distance Detection.

  • Facial Recognition.
  • Elevator Landing Monitoring.

  • Parking Garage Access.

  • Vehicle and License Plate Recognition

  • Object Detection.

  • Suspicious Activity Detection and Tracking.

  • Velocity Tracking.

  • People Counting Analytics.

  • Unusual Behavior Detection.

With AICI, there are no false positive notifications. Our systems seamlessly integrate into a camera system and through a state of the art algorithm; are set for anyone of the above mentioned parameters or a parameter custom designed by Alpha for your needs. The access to the system is also kept entirely private through the latest cyber security measures.

Synergy awaits. Let’s have an initial consult call to help us learn how we can help your team.

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