Alpha offers descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive, and predictive analytics. These analytics then drive the development of custom dashboards to describe how your property’s systems and venues are functioning. Examples of usage can be F&B kiosk sales, entry control door openings, elevator systems.

Effective data analytics can give you a huge competitive edge because you’ll gain new insights into trends and guest behaviors that might not otherwise be possible.

To get the most out of your information resources, Alpha will provide data analytics in the format of an easy-to-use dashboard with powerful reporting features.


What is Big Data and the way is it Impacting the Hotel Industry?

The phrase big data was coined within the 1990s, but since Facebook arrived on the scene in 2005, the term has taken on a wholly new meaning. Facebook users upload 248,000 photos every minute, in line with some estimates – and that’s just the tip of the large data iceberg. Big data now touches everything from development to machine learning to fraud and consumer cyber security. And, of course, the hospitality industry isn’t any exception. Big data can bring big victories for hoteliers – if it’s understood and utilized effectively.

Data is the most abundant and valuable resource.

What is big data?

“Big data” is the ubiquitous term utilized to describe the massive volume of structured and unstructured data that companies collect each on a daily basis. By analyzing big data, businesses can gain insights that result in better business decisions, beat competitors, find out about their customers in-depth, and develop strategically.


According to experts at The Economist, the world’s most precious and abundant resource is no longer petroleum – its data. “Smartphones and also the internet have made data incredibly abundant, omnipresent and much more valuable. Whether you’re going for a jog, watching TV or perhaps just sitting in traffic, virtually every activity creates a digital trace—more material for the info distilleries,” says one report.


The concept of huge data goes deeper than simply an outsized amount of data. Industry data analysts use “the Three V’s” to define big data more specifically. they’re volume, velocity, and variety. Volume refers to the mind-bending sheer magnitude of volume that’s being collected – an estimated 190 zettabytes within the digital universe by 2025. Velocity covers the rate at which this data is being collected, which increases day-by-day. Each minute, it’s estimated that email and mobile users send 156 million messages. Processing this amount of incoming data may be a massive challenge for data scientists and corporations alike.


Lastly, variety could be a factor which covers the shape within which data is collected. There are two sorts of data collection: structured and unstructured. Structured data may be organized easily in a very detailed property database and is comparatively easy to research and store. Unstructured data, however, is nebulous and difficult to sort and includes emails, social media posts, audio and video files, web pages, and more.


There are other dimensions to big data that most data scientists use in their analysis. But you don’t require the aid of a knowledge scientist to tap into the world’s most infinite resource. All your team would require are the correct data tools in order to assist your hotel collect and trigger very valuable and actionable insights.

Analyzing your data allows for better business decisions and more revenue.

Why does big data matter?

Big data is completely transformational for businesses in each and each industry.


“Data is now a part of literally every sector and performance of the world economy and, like other essential factors of production like hard assets and human capital, much of recent economic activity simply couldn’t occur without them,” reports consulting company McKinsey. “The use of massive data — large pools of knowledge which will be brought together — will become the key basis of competition and robust growth for individual firms, enhancing productivity and creating significant value for the globe economy.”


In the retail sector, research has shown that embracing big data can improve a company’s operating margin by up to 60%. within the US healthcare sector, using big data effectively could reduce costs by 8%. From telecommunications to dining, banking to manufacturing, big data is improving business operations, customer experience, resource optimization, and supply-chain efficiency. The hospitality industry isn’t any different in the slightest.


There is an ever-increasing amount of guest data intelligence available to hoteliers – website metrics, center data, consumer profiles, transactional data, and survey data all offer new data streams and tributaries from which hoteliers can gain valuable insight. Most hotels and resorts have already got a considerable amount of knowledge – they solely aren’t sure the way to access it and utilize it.


Big data examples within the hospitality industry

Big data could appear like an all-encompassing term, but there are some pieces of knowledge that don’t seem to be classified as big data. Big data gets collected throughout each guest’s journey from marketing, guest experience, business intelligence, and personalization. Generic data that’s collected at the market level, like Smith Travel Research reports, don’t qualify as big data, including:


  • Market penetration index: this is often a measure of a hotel’s occupancy compared to the common market occupancy levels. It’s like market share, and while it’s useful information, it’s not considered big data.

  • Average Rate Index: this can be the identical because the penetration, but rather than comparing occupancy, we compare rates. A rate greater than one indicates that your hotel is, on average, priced above all of your comp set.

  • Online review content: reviews of your hotel aren’t considered big data.


Big data allows your hotel to adapt to trends in real-time. As such your team is able to implement run-targeted marketing campaigns, and much more. Data from market intelligence software shows relevant demand data per all the factors impacting current and future demand. This analysis allows hotel owners to work out accurate hotel market intelligence that mixes pricing, demand, reputation, benchmarking, and on-the-books occupancy. Big data impacts everything from operations to marketing, room pricing to strategic capital investments.

Alpha’s reccomended data analytics equal the best decisions for your property’s future.

Big data represents a wealth of intelligence at your disposal, but provided that you have got the toolkit to use it. Most of the info you receive are within the kind of unstructured data – which is where many tools can help. the massive data tools organize large volumes of knowledge into smaller, manageable insights you’ll be able to use.


The available platforms pull live rate shopping data from multiple data sources, including hotel websites and online travel agencies. Then, software provides actionable intelligence and insights in a very clean computer program that’s accessible to even people who haven’t any data analytics training. These various options are the best thanks to eliminating the monotonous work of manipulating Excel spreadsheets and gathering competitors’ past, current, and future rates by hand – and more reliable than trying to assemble this information yourself. Pull in big data from a full list of leisure and company events, still as online reputation, to color a comprehensive and real-time picture of your market.


How to bring and implement the use of big data into your hotel’s culture

Big data is an absolute business imperative for the hospitality industry. But not all big data is effective. Let real business needs drive how and once you dive into datasets. Be proactive and align your investment together with your needs. search out solutions that fit those needs, instead of throwing money at an issue.


The sheer volume, velocity, and type of big data is overwhelming for hotel leadership. Use an Alpha recommended platform that can easily surface actionable insights; these tools present findings in clear and easy ways to hoteliers.


It’s a data jungle out there.  Let Alpha guide your property through this complicated and profitable terrain. 


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