Whether it is in-room automation via a wide brand of in-room food and beverage automation, smart mirrors, and tablets, or even the cutting-edge guest infotainment and concierge options, Alpha can exceed your guest and service standard expectations.

Smart mirrors implement televisions into the mirror as well as customized controls and functionality. Imagine a property concierge tablet integrated into your mirror while also allowing for guest privacy. Smart mirrors provide the following functionality:

Book any of the property amenities easily through any smart device.

  • Display Guest’s Device Screen Via Bluetooth.

  • LED Lighting Controls for Mirror.

  • Display Time, Temp, and Weather.

  • Display Property Logo

  • Order room service.

  • Request bell/valet service.

  • Display local television channels in the mirror.

  • Guest Messaging.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity.

The newest generation of in-room food and beverage automation devices provide the guest the opportunity for impulse purchases while also fitting into modern and upscale decors. These new F&B automation devices include:

Your guests can enjoy sumptuous treats via the newest in-room kiosk technologies.

Your guests can enjoy sumptuous treats via the newest in-room kiosk technologies.

  • Virtual Sommeliers offering wine by the glass in-room.

  • Virtual Ciccerone Systems that pour draft beer in-room.

  • External Multi Snack Display with weighted and RFID technology.

  • Empty Room Service Food Tray Tracking System integrated into hallways to reduce hall clutter.

Guestroom automation systems provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in the guestroom via a single controller console, also known as a personal valet. It enables seamless integration with air- conditioning, lights, door security, and electronic safe, automated curtains operation as well as video and audio systems. Besides improving the operational efficiencies, reduced energy costs and effective management of resources, guests are able to enjoy total comfort and convenience with a single controller.

Control the entire suite with the newest tablets.

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