Alpha knows fully well the experience of embarking on a capital project and the hard work required.  These projects while better for the property, guests, and members; are often very time-consuming for the leadership of the property.  Alpha works with your team to go over the current issue and then we get to work proposing full turn-key solutions.  We manage the process to completion integrating property input and approval wherever needed.  With Alpha, the project ends up being often less expensive, faster to complete, and effortless to the executive team and ownership.  Some items Alpha considers on each project:

  • Vendor’s background and references at similar cachet properties. Inspection of licenses and insurance verification.

  • Current software and hardware-implemented. Can it be fully or partially repurposed into the project to reduce expenses?

  • What is the cleanest way to implement the solution? Aesthetics are of primary importance.  Should an engineer be involved if needed to ensure the final work is to standards?

  • Extensive site survey work before the first proposal to consider all options and logistics.

  • Noise mitigation is of importance during all installs to prevent unnecessary sound-related issues.

  • All Alpha projects require approval from our team of experienced resort, condo, and club leadership to make certain that they agree upon the manner of implementation.

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