Alpha has worked with the best in the high-rise elevator business to maximize efficiency and eliminate wait times.  Through our proprietary Volumetric Elevator Efficiency Control (VEEC); a weight-based volume limit can be set to then bypass hall calls and send home to the lobby or any other destination you determine when elevator cars are near capacity.  VEEC is also able to be tied into our AI camera system to automatically relieve congestion on any certain floor observed by the AI camera system.  VEEC is truly game changing technology regarding elevator efficiency and the overall guest experience.

VEEC can help your property in the following ways:

  • Reduce elevator wait times by nesting cabs at the top, bottom, and midway points during slow traffic times.

  • Real-world cases of reducing near-peak elevator travel time by 84% in high-rise buildings.

  • Connect through the Alpha AI camera system to discern which elevator landings have the most traffic and to make clearing that landing a priority.

  • Through the PMS-based control panel, prioritize certain floors that are in group blocks at the property during the times of their conference functions.

  • Expediting descent to lobby when elevator nears peak weight volume and prioritizing other cars to existing hall calls.

Eliminate waiting and wondering with Alpha’s VEEC.

What Limits the Height of new Buildings? Elevators

The height of buildings isn’t necessarily limited by our ability to stack building materials to unprecedented new levels.  More often, it is limited by the ability to access upper floors in a manner that is time-efficient for the building’s occupants, and space efficient, so the entire ground floor isn’t filled with the number of elevator shafts necessary to access all of the upper floors.  This is where Alpha’s Volumetric Elevator Efficiency Control (VEEC) comes in – we allow skyscrapers to be built taller while still remaining efficient enough to be profitable. The limitations of conventional elevator technology can make extremely tall buildings too costly to build relative to the amount of rentable space.


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