At Alpha Resort Technologies, we specialize in RFID based solutions for our customers. Many resort style condominiums in vacation areas are using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to allow access for their owners and members. Often, RFID technology is added to the gates and doors to their amenities (pool area, beach gate, gym, business center, spa, etc.) to be opened via RFID wristbands. These wristbands allow the owner, member, or rental guest to come and go as they please to all the areas on property. At each gate or door that is equipped with RFID technology, the owner/member/guest simply tap the wristband on the sensor and the door opens. This solution, when tied with property security is ideal for properties that have occasional trespassers who attempt to enjoy property amenities that they should not have access to. Owners, members, and guests can be enrolled permanently or have a timed date of accessibility. Property management can bulk enroll all owners and pull customizable usage reports through a secure weblink.

Access Control:

Converting your property to have RFID enabled access control to your property gates and doors is easier and more affordable than in prior years. Alpha Resort Technologies specializes on this conversion. It all begins with a consultation where our experts can learn about your property and the current issues you are looking to solve. Next, we schedule a site visit to survey your current gate system. Finally, we customize a solution specific to your property. 2,000 lb. pull force magnets are added to most gates that are tied into the RFID access control system. In other areas, RFID enabled locks can replace existing locks. Property management can enroll all owners and guests while also being able to deactivate anyone who has moved out and enrolled new residents.

Parking Solutions:

Condominium parking is often limited. As such, having the right parking access system is very important. Most condominiums allow a certain number of spaces based upon the size of the condo unit. So, the larger the condo itself, the more parking spaces allowed for it. This is difficult to keep track of using a manual system. Alpha Resort Technologies customizes our solution to fit your property. We can integrate our parking enrollment system into your current opener and fobs, or we can outfit your property with a new system. Our enrollment system is RFID based and enrolls windshield RFID stickers to that unit in the enrollment system. Property management is trained, and when complete, can enroll and deactivate owners and renters easily from a web app that works on any browser.

RFID Door Locks:

Alpha Resort technologies has many RFID lock solutions for the doors at your property. They utilize Bluetooth technology to preserve battery life and are accessible via a phone app or can be programmed to be opened with your property wristbands. Additionally, many of our locks have keypads as well so that you can provide secure one-time (or multiple) access to renters, housekeepers, or realtors.